The Hymn of Him

One result of the pandemic was working from home. Some of us seamlessly transitioned, while others struggled with sharing space, 24 hours a day, with partners, children, roommates. Dining room tables, corners of a hallway, spare bedrooms, and even porches became offices. Additionally, those of us who had been in our home spaces for a while had to learn to share that space. 

Author Pia Z. Ehrhardt, this month’s contributor with our transaction report, muses on how she adapted to her husband being home—and what she experienced when he returned to the office. She shares how the pandemic gave them an opportunity to both find privacy and fill the day together. 

They also tried out different recipes. Pia shares one of them, a tagliatelle with prosciutto and butter. This simple yet flavorful dish combines the crisp prosciutto with silky strands of pasta.  Try out the recipe for yourself while reading her essay here

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