2024 Recipe Series: The Fish Dish with Commander’s Palace’s Trout Grieg

Long before our local seafood ever meets the fork, there’s a narrative behind its journey, one of people and history, heritage, and ecology. We see pieces of that story when we dine out at the great restaurants we enjoy in such abundance here. We see it in the networks of small, independent fishermen and fishing families working local waterways, carrying on traditions that run generations deep. It’s those connections, often unseen, perhaps underappreciated, that inspire this year’s campaign, called The Fish Dish.” We asked chefs at some of our favorite restaurants to share recipes that highlight the fish found in our area, and we are sharing these recipes with a story about the fish, showcasing the evocative photography of Frank Relle and the personable illustrations of Kenneth Harrison.

Our current featured recipe is Commander’s Palace’s Trout Grieg.  Featuring Louisiana speckled trout, this classic recipe also includes fresh crab meat. Speckled trout can be found through the 2.5 million acres of Louisiana’s coastal wetlands. A disappearing habitat, caused by erosion and seasonal weather fluctuations, have caused a decline in speckled trout since 2016, but new bag limits have been in place since 2023 to ensure we can still enjoy this native treat.


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