Real estate is our business, but food is our passion.

Over the years, Corporate Realty has featured many great Louisiana recipes and food items. Search below to find old favorites and discover new classics.

A Hunger for Success

New Orleans sports fans watch every move made by the Saints on the gridiron and the Pelicans on the court. What they do not always see is the work it takes to develop that consistency—the reps, the extra time, the passion, the tenacity to refine innate talent into something more.

As the game is won, these crucial factors prove out yet again. They are what separate the best players and teams from the rest and the best companies from their competitors.

Food, like sports, is another obsession in New Orleans, perhaps the greatest and most unifying part of our local culture. Here too, passion, hard work, and consistency, along with talent, are the defining factors.

The best recipe isn’t worth much unless it’s executed with precision. And a restaurant team can have the best night with nothing but glowing reviews, and it means little unless they can perform at the same level the next day, and the day after that. This consistency requires the same passion, reflection, and hard work necessary to be an elite athlete.

These are also qualities that we share in our day-to- day business at Corporate Realty. We look forward to successfully closing transactions and to the celebrations that follow; however, we also know we must be there the next day for our clients. We have to be ready to find the next opportunity, to make those opportunities realities, and to finish the deal. We accomplish this with the same passion, hard work, and repetition needed to be at the top of the game in athletics or the culinary world.

Our 2023 recipe and transaction mailer theme is “A Hunger for Success.” We asked a mix of professionals from the Saints and the Pelicans organizations to share their thoughts on achievement, along with recipes for those specific dishes that stir their souls. We hope you enjoy, and we wish you many happy meals.

Our current feature is Wil Lutz, New Orleans Saints Kicker, and Barracuda Taco Stand’s Crispy Fish Taco. © Wil Lutz’s photo by Kenny Morrison; Barracuda Taco Stand’s taco photo provided courtesy Barracuda Taco Stand.

2010: The Key to Success is a Balance of Local
Ingredients and Expert Preparation with Frank Stitt

Fried Quail
Cowboy Fillet
Capellini Bottega
Pickled Shrimp
Roasted Peppers
Oyster Pan Roast
Chicken Sauté
Tuscan White Bean Soup