Real estate is our business, but food is our passion.

Over the years, Corporate Realty has featured many great Louisiana recipes and food items. Search below to find old favorites and discover new classics.

The Fish Dish

Long before our local seafood ever meets the fork, there’s a narrative behind its journey, one of people and history, heritage, and ecology. It’s those connections, often unseen, perhaps underappreciated, that inspire this year’s campaign.

We are passionate about the culture we share as a community. Culture is also a key component in our company. It informs the way we serve our clients and how we take care of our colleagues. We’re not just here for the next deal or the next assignment. We are driven by our connection to community, and how we can contribute to its growth and prosperity.

Our seafood has a story to tell. We see pieces of that story when we dine out at the great restaurants we enjoy in such abundance here. We see it in the networks of small, independent fishermen and fishing families working local waterways, carrying on traditions that run generations deep.

Throughout the year, we’re reflecting on how fortunate we are to have this rich resource and how we can become better stewards of it, so that it remains a valued piece of our heritage for generations to come.

Our 2024 recipe and transaction mailer theme is “The Fish Dish.” We asked chefs at some of our favorite restaurants to share recipes that highlight the fish found in our area. We also worked with acclaimed photographer Frank Relle to show the majesty and vulnerability of coastal Louisiana. We hope you enjoy, and we wish you many happy meals.


Illustration by Kenneth Harrison


2010: The Key to Success is a Balance of Local
Ingredients and Expert Preparation with Frank Stitt

Fried Quail
Cowboy Fillet
Capellini Bottega
Pickled Shrimp
Roasted Peppers
Oyster Pan Roast
Chicken Sauté
Tuscan White Bean Soup