2024 Recipe Series: The Fish Dish with Dino and Doody

Long before our local seafood ever meets the fork, there’s a narrative behind its journey, one of people and history, heritage, and ecology. We see pieces of that story when we dine out at the great restaurants we enjoy in such abundance here. We especially see it in the networks of small, independent fishermen and fishing families working local waterways, carrying on traditions that run generations deep.

One of these local fishermen is Dino Pertuit, who has been doing this job since he was 16, navigating the inside waters to catch shrimp, crab, and a variety of fish. Dino supplies many of New Orleans finest restaurants daily with fresh catches, but he also sells to individuals. Doody Lester coordinates one group of very avid fish fans, being sure to send reminders, tally orders, and greet everyone. Read their stories for yourself at Dino and Doody and an Interview with Dino Pertuit.

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