Home-Cooked Talent: Andrea Huseman’s chocolate chip cookies are meant to be shared

A lot has changed in just a few weeks.

For many of us, this is the first time we are working from home, with computers stationed at patio tables, dining tables, or coffee tables. We are juggling virtual business meetings with children’s virtual classes and work project deadlines along with self-imposed deadlines on DIY projects. For others, we are still going into work, finding our commutes oddly fast and our office environments changed. For all of us, we are making adjustments in our effort to flatten the curve while carrying on with our businesses and with our personal lives.

At Corporate Realty, we are doing both. While following the state’s orders, we remain available, from the engineers and managers manning our properties to our agents. Feel free to call or email us with any inquiries or concerns. We want you to feel comfortable—as well as have comfort.

With that in mind, we are sharing our latest recipe: chocolate chip cookies. This home-baked treat is the very definition of comfort food, tucked into care packages sent to military personnel and camp kids as well as stocking the home cookie jar.

Andrea Huseman, a leasing/brokerage specialist at Corporate Realty, shares her family’s recipe with us. Baking brings together children, parents, and friends; in Andrea’s family, these cookies began with her grandmother, who would bake them to mail to her, and Andrea baked them for her children. During these past few weeks, in between phone calls and online meetings and emails, Andrea found herself returning to the kitchen, and then delivering fresh-baked cookies to friends’ and colleagues’ porches. We hope you will enjoy baking and sharing these cookies as well, either with a friend or neighbor, or even with your local walk-in clinic staff or grocery store workers. As they tend to our comfort, let us share some with them. 


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