Prepare for Hurricane Season with our Tenant Emergency Preparedness Checklist

By: Maureen Clary, CPM, Director of Asset and Property Management


With hurricane season upon us, the property management team at Corporate Realty is once again reviewing our emergency procedures, updating our contact lists, coordinating with our emergency vendors and advising our tenants on severe weather protocol. We will be prepared – it’s what property managers do.


With 25 years of commercial property and asset management experience, I’m frequently asked questions like, “What exactly does a property manager do?” My usual answer is that being a asset property manager is like being the mayor of a small city. As a manager, you are responsible to your tenants for their safety and welfare and responsible to your clients for sound management of their asset.


A recent security threat in a local office building brought to the forefront the importance of having a qualified asset property management team in place. When the threat was received, the management team immediately initiated the policies and procedures that had been reviewed countless times. By following a well -established protocol, the threat was assessed and proper authorities we notified. The threat was determined to be unsubstantiated and operations returned to normal.


In addition to creating and reviewing our own emergency procedures, we have also written a Tenant Emergency Preparedness Checklist to help our tenants. This brief handbook explains the points every organization, small or large, needs to think about in order to prepare its own disaster recovery plan. By using this plan, should a disaster occur, your organization will be able to recover quickly and resume operations effectively. Each organization structure and circumstances are unique and this plan can be tailored to suit your needs. Remember, there are no cookie-cutter templates – one size does not fit all. However, there are common elements among all plans. This handbook will assist your organization in developing a plan to Prepare, Respond, and Recover.


You can download our Tenant Emergency Preparedness Checklist here.


For additional information about the checklist, and to learn how Corporate Realty’s Asset and Property Management group can help you, please contact me, at 504.493.6760.