Office Space for Entrepreneurs

Austin Lavin is Corporate Realty’s Director of Marketing and Communications, but he is also a licensed agent in Louisiana who works with a wide range of clients to solve their commercial real estate needs.


One of his specialties is helping entrepreneurs from Louisiana’s burgeoning start-up community establish their first offices. It’s a big step in the life of a young company, but Austin brings the experience to guide start-ups through this process. While potentially daunting, procuring corporate office space shouldn’t be so complicated that it takes away from the time you devote to other essential business operations so Austin wrote a guest blog post, ‘7 Steps to Finding and Negotiating Office Space in New Orleans and Beyond’, for The Silicon Bayou News, the leading technology blog in Louisiana to help make the process a little easier.


Please read Austin’s tips and suggestions and call him at 504.581.5005 if you would like him to help you solve your real estate needs.