From Eddie’s to Lil Dizzy’s: A Family Legacy in Restaurants

We’ve heard often during the past year and a half about how the pandemic has particularly hit, and hit hard, the hospitality industry. Food service workers struggled, not just for their livelihoods but for keeping open the restaurants at which they worked.

What happens when the restaurant that may not survive is part of your family history? Our recent contributor, veteran newsman Terry Baquet, faced that when his brother Wayne Sr announced that he was closing Lil Dizzy’s for retirement purposes amidst the pandemic. Baquet writes about his family’s New Orleans culinary scene heritage, starting with his father’s place, Eddie’s, in the Treme. The secret ingredient of most all family restaurants in New Orleans was excellent Creole dishes, such as the eponymous trout Baquet at Eddie’s, a long-time treat both at the restaurant and during Jazz Fest.  Read what Baquet has to say in his essay and try out the family recipe for yourself here

It was a happy day earlier in 2021 when the news broke that Lil Dizzy’s was to reopen under the leadership of Arkesha and Wayne Bauqet Jr, son of Wayne Sr and nephew of Terry. This is a joyful success story—not to mention celebration of family—during a time when we hurt over losing loved ones and beloved places. We look forward to seeing you at the table.

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