Corporate Realty Sponsors The 18th Ward’s Pickleball Family Event

Corporate Realty was one of the proud sponsors of The 18th Ward’s Family Pickleball Day on Saturday, November 4, 2023. Held at KIPP Central¬† Academy at 2514 Third Street in New Orleans, this event focused on teaching the basics of pickleball, the country’s fastest growing sport.

In addition to sponsoring this event, several Corporate Realty employees volunteered. Helen Siegel, Austin Lavin, and Alex Fletes assisted with logistics, circuit training, and other onsite efforts.

The 18th Ward is an organization committed to providing high quality, low cost access to youth sports programs throughout the city. To learn more about the organization, visit We thank all the people involved who helped make this a fun, successful day and give a special note of appreciation to our friends at The Exchange Pickleball + Bar.