Make Room for a Tenant Rep to Find Your Space

We at Corporate Realty believe an office is essential to the success of your business. It provides a place where employees come together to work, collaborate, and share ideas—not to mention donuts, lunches, and other things. Your office space also allows you to grow your corporate culture and community. It’s comes as no surprise, then, that finding or renewing the right office space to fit all those needs (and more!) can sometimes be an overwhelming experience.

We’d like to introduce you to a tenant representative.  This particular agent should be an integral part of your team when it comes to finding your next space. There is no additional cost to you to use a tenant rep, who provides you with great options that meet your needs, works within your deadlines, and negotiates on your behalf.  While you focus on the business of your business, the tenant rep focuses on the business of finding you a new office. 

Here are the ways our team of tenant reps can assist:

  • Rent is your biggest expense after people. Let a tenant rep review and negotiate your lease terms and rates so that you are assured of the best deal.
  • Rent may cost you, but a tenant rep does not. We mean it: there is no charge for you to use a tenant rep. Tenant reps share commission with owners’ agents. At all times, a tenant rep is prioritizing your needs and requirements and working to meet your goals.
  • Making a move is a lengthy process with lots of moving parts. A tenant rep’s involvement means you can continue with your regular business while the agent works to get you what you need, when you need it.
  • Tenant reps open doors you don’t even know are there due to their unrivaled access to properties and information. This access means that it’s easier for them to find the available spaces, arrange the tours, and  assemble the team.
  • This is a tenant rep’s job. At the end of the day, tenant reps do this for a living. These agents have the experience, so let them help turn a difficult process into an easy solution. 

Donna Whalen Little has been specializing in tenant representation for more than 30 years. She enjoys both the process and people, and she really appreciates the relationships she has built through successes over the years. 

“The relocation process can be very intimidating, but I streamline the process to produce the best outcome for the client and to allow them to focus on their work,” she said. “My client’s satisfaction is very gratifying; I enjoy helping tenants find just the right home for their businesses, knowing they have received the benefit of my involvement.”

A tenant rep is your advocate in the real estate market. The tenant rep works solely for you to implement your strategy and brings professionalism and knowledge to the search and negotiations. Let the first step in finding a new office be to make room for these agents to help you find your space. 

For more information or to meet with one of our tenant representatives, please contact 504.581.5005 and