How Sublease Office Space Can Fit Your Needs

We at Corporate Realty believe that office space is essential for a business. While we have all learned we can work from home over the 12+ months, there is a sense of collaboration and corporate identity that can be better fostered through working together in person.

Office space is a huge commitment; quite often, rent is your second biggest expense after payroll. That is why subleasing can be an economical option, whether you are a new company looking for your first office or an established company looking to change location. A subleased office space is often offered at a lower rental rate per square foot than the actual price. The period of time is also limited to the remainder of the previous tenant’s lease, so you do not necessarily have to commit to a long-term lease term. You have a unique opportunity to try out the location and its amenities and decide if it works for you and your employees. Subleases can also sometimes include furnishings, which may be helpful for a new or expanding company. 

Corporate Realty represents a variety of subleases. Whether you are in Baton Rouge or downtown New Orleans, need open work space or want private offices, we can assist you. Please contact us at  504.581.5005 or to learn how we can help you find your space.