Curbside Comfort

We conclude our 2021 transaction series with an essay and recipe from celebrated novelist and writer Tom Piazza. In his essay, “Curbside Comfort,” Tom discusses how restaurants utilized curbside pickup to meet dining challenges brought on by mandated social distancing, and how this helped in boosting our spirits. Curbside pickup remains in place, even as we enter 2022. This change is one of many brought on by the challenges of two years of a pandemic, and the need to continue to support these restaurants also remains. 

Corporate Realty focused on the events of 2020 through our contributors, who shared both their thoughts on those events as well as their favorite recipes. We tried to emphasize and illustrate that food as a common denominator can bring people together, even if it is through curbside pickup: we can still support our local restaurants while helping our community. 

Read Tom’s essay and try out his recipe for Golden Cauliflower, a dish that resulted from a rummage through his fridge and some improvisation and that speaks to the adaptability of our city. 

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Photo courtesy Tom Piazza.