2024 Recipe Series: The Fish Dish with GW Fins’ Seared Yellowfin Tuna with Soy Butter

Long before our local seafood ever meets the fork, there’s a narrative behind its journey, one of people and history, heritage, and ecology. We see pieces of that story when we dine out at the great restaurants we enjoy in such abundance here. We see it in the networks of small, independent fishermen and fishing families working local waterways, carrying on traditions that run generations deep. It’s those connections, often unseen, perhaps underappreciated, that inspire this year’s campaign, called The Fish Dish.” We asked chefs at some of our favorite restaurants to share recipes that highlight the fish found in our area.

For our first recipe, we are thrilled to highlight the GW Fins’ Seared Yellowfin Tuna with Soy Butter, as well as the evocative photography of Frank Relle.

Yellowfin tuna are found in warm seas all over the world, with the exception of the Mediterranean. They spawn from May to August in the Gulf of Mexico, which is where we can catch them in Louisiana. One of the bigger tuna species, they travel huge distances in schools of similarly sized fish and are known to make migratory trips to higher latitudes as water temperature increases. Excessively high temperatures due to climate change impact ocean temperature and levels, so to be able to continue fishing for tuna, it is important to have a consistent temperature. In the marine food chain, tuna are a predator and help maintain balance in the ocean ecosystem. Because they grow quickly and reproduce frequently during their average seven-year lifespan, yellowfin tuna are considered a sustainable seafood.


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