2022 Recipe Series: A Provocative Question With Warner Thomas

Warner Thomas, the President and CEO of Ochsner Health, leads a healthy lifestyle. That includes exercising daily and eating right.  However, for special occasions—and a last meal—he enjoys a steak with roasted vegetables and a salad, and delicious fresh seafood. 

“I’d also have pancakes, which I never really eat anymore,” he said. Growing up in Vermont, Thomas often helped collect the sap to make syrup. As a child, one of his favorite dinners would occur during a cold winter night during which homemade pancakes were served with butter in addition to homemade syrup. 

Today the syrup would be an organic bottled variety from a Vermont farm, but he’d still savor the taste of room-temperature syrup over warm pancakes, enjoying the memories conjured by that taste. Be sure to try out the recipe for pancakes yourself. 

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