2022 Recipe Series: A Provocative Question with Delaney Martin

Delaney Martin is the last individual to be featured in our Last Meal series. Her ideal menu would be all Italian, as she loves the Italian approach to food that focuses on fresh ingredients and bringing people together. Some of her favorite meals during the time she lived in Rome involved pasta, so her featured dish is a pasta recipe that incorporates leeks and sausage. To learn more and to make the recipe for yourself, visit Delaney’s Last Meal of Fusilli with Sausage and Leeks

We hope you have enjoyed sharing in this Last Meal recipes, and possibly come up with your own Last Meals, including the people you would like to have with you. For other Corporate Realty recipes, visit our site. To find out how Corporate Realty can assist you with your commercial real estate needs, please contact info@corp-realty.com or 504.581.5005.