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Corporate Realty Presents Empanada Intifada’s Recipe for Chicken Adobo Empanadas

Empanada Intifada

Empanada Intifada

Since 1997, Corporate Realty has shared a monthly mailer that not only highlights our recent transactions, but a recipe or story from a great local restaurant. In the past, we’ve featured recipes from Commander’s Palace, Galatoire’s, Leah Chase, and many others – and we’re proud to be associated with some of the best Louisiana has to offer.


Our current featured recipe is Chicken Adobo Empanadas from Empanada Intifada, a guerilla gourmet food truck serving “SlapYourThigh delicious, life-reaffirming, health-promoting, local, seasonal, damn-near-treasonously good empanadas.”


Keep checking our website for more tasty recipes from local mobile food vendors.