Place St. Charles Food Court Renovation featured in The Advocate

The New Orleans Advocate recently featured the recent revamp of the Place St. Charles food court in their Food/Restaurants section. Ian McNulty wrote, “they’ve made this food court an increasingly diverse and satisfying find, and an oasis for quick and inexpensive lunch in a downtown with a dearth of true street food… at Place St. Charles, in the center of a rapidly changing downtown New Orleans, the food court feels reinvigorated.”

The  52 floors of Place St. Charles offer 1,004,000 total square feet of class A space. Floors 1 through 2 house Retail; floors 3 through 13 accommodate Parking; and floors 14 through 52 consist of Office Space.

Bennett Davis, the Director of Leasing at Place St. Charles is responsible for both the office and retail portions. Davis says, “The food court is only one of the great amenities offered to our office tenants.”

Keep an eye on the Place St. Charles food court. Further renovations are coming soon.


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