2022 Recipe Series: A Provocative Question with Ben Jaffe

We couldn’t be more excited that festing times are upon us again! Not only do we get to enjoy delicious food, but we can spend quality time with friends. And for us, that usually entails some leisurely meals.  

“Eating in New Orleans is so much more than sitting down and grabbing a bite,” Ben Jaffe says. “Food is a special time.” 

The Creative Director of Preservation Hall and a talented musician, Ben is the most recent person to share his ideal last meal, which would be Red Beans and Rice. This New Orleans staple is the epitome of savoring time. It can take anywhere from six to eight hours to cook, and the process begins the day before as the beans must soak first. Time is important to the frequent traveler, who would want to spend the meal at home with his family and band members. It is also a perfect dish to make for those times you expect people to stop in before, after, or during an event; while it takes time to cook, it is basically hands-off during that process, leaving time for telling stories and recalling other good memories. 

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