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The Advocate: How Ella Brennan’s belief in mentoring profoundly impacted culinary life of New Orleans

This year we have featured Ella Brennan, who exemplifies the commitment to excellence that we strive for every day in our business, in our monthly mailers.  She is the quintessential restaurateur and New Orleanian, and she has been a civic leader for over 50 years.  Ella has provided many business lessons for us that we have been sharing through our mailers: her focus on teamwork, her non-stop desire to innovate, and the importance she places on family and community at all times in each restaurant.  Ella Brennan is more than one of the great restaurateurs of our generation. She is a business and community leader who at, 89 years young, still has the drive, the intellect, and the passion to teach us all about business and about life.


On Sunday, Ian Mcnulty wrote an article for The Advocate about how Ella Brennan’s belief in mentoring profoundly impacted culinary life of New Orleans. He described her as “putting New Orleans on the map as a modern culinary destination and nurtured the notion of nouvelle Creole cuisine. She pioneered countless innovations in restaurant service and management. She extended and redefined the Brennan family heritage in the hospitality business, which now branches through more than a dozen major restaurants in New Orleans alone.” You can read his great profile about Ella, and her impact online here:


You can read our monthly mailers with interviews with Ella, and many of the chefs she has mentored, online here: