An Old Office Building is Repurposed for New Use

Built in 1926, the Howard Triangle Building was an antiquated Class C office building whose useful office life had expired.

In 2013 Corporate Realty contacted its owner and laid out a marketing plan to sell the property.  The message that Corporate Realty delivered was similar to that of most other Class B and Class C office buildings in the New Orleans Central Business District: the use of the building must change.

The good news was that there was demand for the Howard Triangle Building, and for many of these older buildings. In the CBD, the residential market for high-rise loft apartments was making its presence known.  Only three blocks away, the Domain Companies had acquired four city blocks and announced the South Market District Development.  When completed, Domain would construct 600+ residential units with 178,000± SF retail space and adequate parking to support these uses.  Also, the historic-type properties in the Warehouse Historic District were being converted into residential, hotel, and other commercial uses. A major part of the development was provided by federal and state rehabilitation tax credits.

The Howard Triangle Building was an ideal fit for residential development.  Now known as The Howard, this building contains sixteen one- and two-bedroom units with panoramic views of the CBD. It incorporates the Triangle Building’s distinctive façade and architecture into its sleek design.