John L. Reed

Director of Engineering and Technical Services


John is closely supervises and provides ongoing training and enrichment for Corporate Realty’s engineering staff.  He assists asset management and property management teams by developing total building maintenance programs and capital improvement programs. He also troubleshoots building systems.

He solves complex mechanical problems and designs intricate, cost-effective solutions. He frequently aids Corporate Realty’s clients by serving as an outside consultant on their properties and performing due diligence on new acquisitions. He also provides construction consulting management services on large capital projects.

John joined Corporate Realty in 1968 as an Apprentice Engineer. From 1969-1971, he served as a Machinist Mate in the U.S. Navy Submarine Service. Following his discharge, he rejoined the company as a 2nd Class Operating Engineer. From 1975-1980, he was the Chief Engineer at 1010 Common. He was then promoted to Assistant Director of Engineering of the CBD properties, and in 1990, he became Director. He is currently a 1stClass Operating Engineer.