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Place St. Charles Hosts Sandy Fundraiser

Update: Place St. Charles reached their goal of $10,000 for the Rebuild Hoboken Relief Fund thanks to the generosity of the owner, tenants, and people of New Orleans.


Many residents and businesses of Hoboken, NJ lost property and belongings due to the flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy. The clean up and rebuilding efforts have begun, but there is a long way to go… None know better than the people of New Orleans. Place St. Charles wants to make a difference and is leading the way to reciprocate for the support that was given to the people of New Orleans. From November 26 – November 30, Place St. Charles is challenging the approximately¬†2,300 individuals who work in the building to raise $10,000 for the Rebuild Hoboken Relief Fund. Place St. Charles is also accepting corporate donations, as an extra bonus, corporate donors will be listed in the next issue of “In Place” the Place St. Charles newsletter. Place St. Charles is donating the first $1,000 towards their goal.

As an added incentive to give, a signed football by native New Orleanian, Superbowl MVP and Hoboken resident, Eli Manning, will be raffled. You will receive a raffle entry for each $5 that you give. Conceived by the Rotary Club of Hoboken, the ultimate goal of the Rebuild Hoboken Relief Fund is to be a master fund to support the efforts of every charity, organization and person needing assistance in the rebuilding of Hoboken. The fund will assist with damages for both individuals and businesses that are not covered by FEMA. A grant process will distribute the funds.

Donations will be accepted at the Concierge Desk on the 14th floor of Place St. Charles beginning Monday, November 26 and on the second floor of Place St. Charles during lunchtime.